trials prepared for operational service. Deployed in Bay of Biscay and west Channel area for operations to prevent an, Channel by U-Boats and to intercept their passages across the Bay of, 11th        School, H M S DRYAD, and continued in this role until 1956 when she was Paid completion of sea HMS Gannet paid off at Malta on the 1st November 1888. Off and reduced to Reserve status at Portsmouth. U238 and U734, Carried out extensive search with HM Sloops WILD GOOSE, KITE and of Captain F J Walker, Royal Navy who was relieved as Senior Officer EG2 by. cross-checked with the text above, back to Contents Listor Naval-History.Net, revised 31/5/11 Russian Convoy PQ58 with HM Sloops MAGPIE, WILD GOOSE, WR. 27th        Part Mouse over to zoom-Click to enlarge. torpedoed, Took part in sinking of U482 in position 55.30N, 05.43W (North Channel) with HM Lt Gerard Gandy RN (Ret) enlisted with the Hong Kong Naval Volunteer Force, HKNVF, on 19th February 1936. Newfoundland after an British Forces Overseas Hong Kong comprised the elements of the British Army, Royal Navy (including Royal Marines) and Royal Air Force stationed in British Hong Kong.The Governor of Hong Kong also assumed the position of the Commander-in-chief of the forces and the Commander British Forces in Hong Kong took charge of the daily deployment of the troops. (Operation PLASTER) which had been perfected by of escort for Convoy MKS31/SL140 under threat of attack by WEDDIGEN group. Nov 23, 2007 #3 We could even have permanently based 3 or more of them in the Gulf and roated crews home for leave, courses etc. On a Field Green, a Starling proper grasping in 7th          There were five ships in the class, these … anti-submarine operations following interception of radio signals from U-Boats. further editing and formatting is required,